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 On Trial - FF 8 OSV part 2
For Christmas, Salamando Radio was blessed. Evk got a rather hefty sum from his grandmother, and he so graciously decided it was to go to OSVs for himself. And that means more music for you. Aren't you blessed to have such a benevolant master? (proper response: yes, and grovel) Well, among the purchases was the FF8 OSV. FF8 was certainly a step back and up in many cases, especially compared with the FF7 OSV. It uses a lot more sampling and pre-recorded tracks (as opposed to the ONE from FF7- One Winged Angel), and it reverted in many cases to the 'classic' Final Fantasy sound. Overall, a great purchase!

Part 2 of the 2 part set exploring select tracks from the FF8 OSV. Enjoy!

Why does every game have to have a long, annoying part where you're in prison or such? Recall FF7's part where you're taken prisoner in the Shinra tower (okay, so that one was nice and short) or if you dare, Xenogears' physically painful, seemingly never-ending prison scene. Sometimes I really don't know. Anyway, Jailed is the music that plays in FF8's requisite you're-in-jail part. Fortunately, you can spice it up a little by fighting, and it isn't all that long, but the boring, predictable music dosn't help.
Verdict:   One stove

Fisherman's Horizon
Played - not surprisngly - at Fisherman's Horizon, this is the most generic, forgettable track ever. Go on, try to hum it. You can't, can you? You can't remember how it goes, can you? Huh? No. It's hard to have strong feelings on such a little piece of nothing track, since it isn't so good or bad that you remeber it or even have anything to say about it. I'm surprised I managed to write this much.
Verdict:   Two and one half stoves

Slideshow Part 2
Played during a godawful part of the game, this is a godawful piece of trash. It sounds like a few really bad 30's musicians got drunk and broke into a recording studio. I don't know what the thought behind this was except "Let's cause physical pain in people who dare play this part of the game". Well, goal achieved. I really don't like this track. It is devoid of anything good. It isn't even short enough for me to say "At least it's short". Why? For the love of all that is good and holy, WHY?!!?
Verdict:   One half stoves

Eyes on Me
A lot of people like this song, which leaves me a bit puzzled. I don't see the attraction here. First of all, the lyrics are pretty stupid ("Shall I be the one for you/Who pinches you softly but sure"). Also, it's much too dramatic and overwrought for my taste. I don't know, am I supposed to be touched by this song? All it makes me want to do is mute it when it comes on. On the other hand, it might just be because I don't like songs with english lyrics, but I don't think I'd like this regardless. It just rubs me the wrong way. On the plus side, there's a neat 20-second flute interlude. That's about all the good I can say about it.
Verdict:   One stove

Mods de Chocobo
There are only two chocobo music tracks I like, FF6's Techno de Chocobo and this one. Probably because they're both techno-ish remixs of the original. 6's was okay, but this one is a lot better and more funky and generally pleasing. I can't really think of how to say that I like this track, so I'm just going to say that I like it, with the exception of the little part that goes off on a solo that is just wrong in several senses of the word.
Verdict:   Four stoves

The Castle
I want to like this track, I really do. Taken by itself, it's a neat little track, not particuarly memorable, but pretty pleasing. It starts out wacky, but then it sounds like it could be pleasingly serious. And then it goes to a sadly only 20 second long Casltevania-ish part. But then it gets wacky, for a long time. And then it loops. Not very threatening, especially for the final dungeon. "Here we are in the final evil stronghold of the super badass! Let's have some wacky music!". If nothing else, it is a little reminiscent of "Dancing Mad", when you fight Kefka's final forms in FF6, and it's pretty catchy, but... why here? Why now? Why anything? This whole thing has me so annoyed I'm going to go shove my cat.
Verdict:   The stoves

Maybe I'm a Lion
Aside from the track name, this one dosn't have very much going for it: From the stupid "HYUH!!!" at the start to the annoying guitar, this one is a loser. What makes it all the sadder is that it plays while you fight some forms of the last guy. Sad, really. Long and annoying and all the parts sound just like the other parts. More's the shame.
Verdict:   One and a half stoves

The Extreme
I really really really really like this track. From the screwed-up sounding lyrics at the start, to the quiet neat little piano piece, and the really great action part, this ties as my favroite track from 8 (the other being Premonition). But amazingly enough, this track brings back (at least for a short while), the old-school FF battle bass line that was all but absent in FF7! This is a nice fast-paced track (once you get a minute or two into it), and I really like it. In fact, I think you should download it. Now! Go! Don't finish reading this, I grant you permission to leave. Go on, get.
Verdict:   Five stoves

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Written by Evk and posted on 02-10-00.
This article is 2000 Nick Hammer.

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.