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 Parappa C Rapper

A few years back, a unknown game titled "Parappa the Rapper" was released and ended up being a hit. In case you havn't played this game yet, you really should. The attraction isn't the gameplay - which is pretty simple and short - but rather the wonderful randomness and translation. From the minute you turn the game on untill the end, it's a wonder of unintentionally hilarous events and phrases. The most offending ones made me laugh so hard I had to put the controller down for a few minutes - I was literally unable to play. Anyway, we needed a feature, and so I decided to capitalize on this by taking the best (or worst- depending on your outlook) phrases and translating them into a semblance of C. Keep in mind it's been a long time since I took C, and I've forgotten a lot of it. So, if you find any mistakes, feel free to write me scathing mail. Also, now WrexSoul can't accuse me of being lazy for at least two weeks. Huzzah!

Compute! Compute dammit!

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