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 The Triumphant Return of Salamando's Stove

Anyway, I think I was in the middle of a story or something but then I saw that the file was like really long or something, so I started a new file and now I forgot what I was talking about.

Oh yeah, I was trying to steal the THUNDER from Evk's ICQ journey. Well, long story short, while making my own uninspired version, I found an ancient artifact. At this point, I was getting desperate for something to post, as I hadn't even mentioned the anniversaries of the Stove or large hit landmarks (because we're very 1996 and still care about that). I was even going to draw some more fan art "gift" drawings for my own website and pretend someone else gave them to us. We've sunk that low. Anyway, I eventually did find the ancient artifact I mentioned a few sentences ago, which would've been great to post except for one fatal flaw:

It was tragically 3 years old. I mean nobody here even remembers that terrible layout probably. And it would just not be in good taste to do something like that I'm sure.

... So I'm sure by now, you've all been wondering what on earth we two tragic losers have been spending all of our time on, seeing as we've but barely looked at Salamando's Stove and Subway Pervert Attack in the last uh year or two or so. The answer? Frequent masturbation and long surly conversations on various chat programs. Yes, we're actually becomming more like a 13 year-old ever day. But aside from that, we've been developing our own SUPER SECRET AND INCREDIBLY FUNNY BUT TRAGICALLY OUTDATED SNES-STYLE PARODY VIDEO GAME with RPG Maker 2000.

So it occured to me that the perfect way to kick back into the groove of things is to have a SUPER SNEAK-PEAK PREVIEW of our up and comming video game, Shining the Holy.

Here I am, preparing to fight off the forces of evil in the brand new game I star in.

Something here

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