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 A Pathetic Tour of WrexSoul's Recieved Files
OK so before we begin, let me just say this:

I'm only doing this for the pictures.

So if you're here for witty commentary on these pictures, you might as well uh, be disappointed and look at them anyway.

This is the first panel in one of the many comics done by Lobst. But it's exceptional because I'm in it. I'm the doofus in the back. I think this might have been part of Japanese for Crustaceans. I can't tell anymore. All I know is: people don't draw my likeness enough, and I loathe to.

This is the likeness of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who failed to conquer Korea and established the class system in Japan. I think he sent it so I could draw one of the mascots for SPA.

This one is just classic.

I know Darth Vader would win, but uh.... I forgot, was I supposed to put something funny here?

Let's just move on.

Oh, this one is classic! Did I say that about the last one? Because this one really is. I mean, look at it! He's so happy!

This follows the trend Evk has of sending me images I already have just so whenever I browse his directory, I get a happy surprise. Or something. Don't think this is the last one you'll see. By which I mean hentai.

So true!

It's a shame, really. We spend so much time making screenshots that are only seen by like 5 people, tops.

OH, MC SLAMMINGHAM! That one's gotta burn! I don't know how he just takes it from such a sassy tart!

Much along the same lines of the above shot, however, upon reflection, maybe 5 people seeing it is enough.

Now, I don't need to add anything to this.

I don't know how many of you know who Yoshitaka Amano is, but this is actually quite a clever slam. Basically, this is what Evk would look like if he were drawn by Amano. It's fucking funny. Laugh.


Once again, this picture requires a lot of explanation. Instead, I think I'm going to scratch my balls and move on. It's not funny anyway, really.



This has a habit of taking people by surprise or something. I hope you all braced yourselves and didn't like, poop in your pants or anything. That'd probably be squishy. Unless it's like one of those rock-hard poops, and if you just shat one of those out at warp speed, it'd probably cause a little bit of friction burn. On that lovely note, let's move on.

There's two kinds of free- Free with a capital F, such as open source software. Then there's free with a capital ARRRRRrrrr.

You know, like piracy.

Shut up, I thought it was funny.

I- I just wish I had something witty to say. But instead I'll just be tired and humorless. BARF!

This is one of the many masterpieces we have had on the main page of Salamando's Stove. You'd probably be unsurprised how many hours are spent on such things.

We need to go into the clothing business.

Let me just be the first to say: I'm an genius artisan.


God, this cat is fucking scarier than The Ring.

I just can't argue it!

I wish I never woke up looking so.... eastern European.

I don't know either. Really.


I think this sums up the whole experience nicely.


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