Buried deep within the labrynth is the Scepter of Power. Your goal is to find it.

Yes, this is a cheezy plot but this thing is plotless so who cares? You move around the maze using the buttons. Forward moves you through the door ahead of you, while Turn Left and Turn Right change your directions, while still in the same room. Back moves you through the door directly behind you, but keeps you facing forward. That makes it a lot easier. If you click on the left side of the image, it's the same as clicking the left button, and the same with the right side. Clicking the center moves you forward, but no part of the image will move you back. There's an automapper now! (It makes it a little easy), unlike my previous maze. It's neat, and I'm going to add a feature to disable it, should you want to be more lost. My previous maze can be found on my old ioNET page.

Um, all these images I made myself from free textures I'd found on the internet. So please don't bogart or leech them. Also, note: I didn't use a 3d program to make the rooms either. Also, I'll soon use my godlike powers and a little bit of easy manipulation to make more levels, getting progressivly larger! Also, features I plan on using include: keys, teleporters, random battles, and more interactivity! But that's to come.

Oh well. I hope you have some fun.


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