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 For Everlasting Peace

Meet EvkMan! He fight for everlasting hentai! Search for good and love triumphs over all! Go!!! Fight for us! Switch on! What this!?!? Evk not able to be wearing Ranma T-shirt! Oh no!! Haha, problems when using in 16 colors. Poor Evk. But hair blue now which good!

Meet WrexMan! He fight for good! And justice! Hahaha, has hidden message (under house, reads "home of bokken"). Holding bokken in hands too! Mad Skillz found many place! Though mostly use in homepage building. Jump, long hair hippie! Vaguely threatening gaijin!

Is XeonMan! He not fight for much, but having poonier pants! Not being able to jump very high. Poor XeonMan. Pants are poony enough! Get to work on something for Stove already! Been much longer than should! Otherwise punishment be undesired. Watch out!!

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