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I won't lie and say that without these people the Stove wouldn't exist. But they're all really cool and helped along and you always can use a little good help, and since we don't really have any other way of compensation, we will just give our undying adulation and thanks on this page.

Really Cool Music Guys

Thanks to Stu, Carl, (fill in the list) and all of the other cool guys who hung out on Evk's VG server and helped in their own way to let him amass the huge collection of VG Music that he has. Thanks to Stryker X for his hugeass FTP server and being a really cool music-trading buddy. Thanks to all of the people who had something we didn't and traded.

Article Authors

Thanks to, in no particular order, Cali-X, Meklor, Shale, Blaze Hedgehog, Backward Z, Xeon, Moogs, Evk's cousin, and last but not least, Mara Khi. They all helped and altogether have written 15 articles, some 1/4 of our total count. If you want to write an article, you can see how to submit at the submissions page.

Random Gayness

Thanks to Cali-X for getting ROM hacking stuff and being constantly interested. Thanks to Feedback Queen, AKA Tonnica Sister. Thanks to everyone who emailed and gave us thanks and praise about Salamando Radio, it just makes our day. Thanks to V3 for publishing our go.to/salamando adress in one of their newsletters, successfully getting us a one-time batch of 1000 hits or so.

No Thanks

And just to be bitter, we have a list of people who deserve as much scorn and hatred as the above people deserve praise and choclatey goodness. Spite goes out toward a certain unnamed person who got Evk's VGM hotline server shut down. Some bad vibes go out to particlar guys who got so full of themselves that they fired Evk and Z, then tried to re-hire them as content bitches. Finally, disgust goes out for particular editorialists and game-site runners who don't return your email and give shitty, inacurate reviews yet are still recounted as great figures in the VG webpage community. Oh yeah, and fuck you to all those big commercialized videogame webpage news-portals. You guys suck.

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.