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So it's been forever and a day.

We've had 2 updates in the last year. But that's all about to change... for we're planning the


Don't hold us to that. At least there's an update. A grand update. Heralding our glorious return, and a little bit of explanation as to our disappearance.

But glory behold: there is some graduation occuring soon, and that will mark a new era in free time and perhaps inspiration in retarded video game humor.

Meanwhile, check out that wonderful outfit I made myself for a costume party. Pretty swanky, huh?

  Puyo Pop
When you take a quick glance at Puyo Pop, you see a typical, mediocre puzzle game. However, if you actually sit down to play it, overlooking all the cute Japanese characters, the brightly colored pieces falling down a well that you must arrange by color to destroy, sending junk pieces over to your opponent, and the cute but repetetive background music, you'll see it for what it really is: a typical, mediocre puzzle game. But that won't stop me from writing a typical, mediocre review for it.

Notice my quoting the beginning of the review? SNEAKY!

Posted on 08-01-02

  Mario is Missing!
The older of those among you may remember the period where Mario and Luigi appeared in several educational titles. There was Mario Teaches Typing, Mario in Time, Mario Teaches Milk, and the subject of today's discussion, Mario is Missing. These games share one thing in common, which is that

1.) They all stunk and
2.) I played them all.

Posted on 05-29-02

  Something Sailor Moon

Normally this is where text from the review goes.

But instead I'll just post a lot of nothing!

Just go ahead and click here

Posted on 05-02-02


Some of you may have been watching E3 waiting for the next big, exciting game. And if you have, you've been wasting your time, because the most intense game I've ever played is already here.


Posted on 05-02-02

  Tokimeki Memorial

Somehow I got hooked on listening to Tokimeki Memorial music. They were from the sequals actually what with the singing and the Monday something OO FOO FOO whatever. I blame Evk and his magical band of harvest sprites and constantly running Audio Galaxy. Anyway, somehow I ended up with a copy of the Tokimeki Memorial ROM on my computer, and so I decided to face it with my face.

WrexSoul brushes his teeth

  Queen of Heart '99

Rarely does Evk's mad perverted quest for games where women beat up other women yield anything of interest for me. Super Fire Wrestler D or whatever and WWF Smack That Bitch Up 2001 aren't very high on my wishlist, sadly. But occasionally he finds a rare gem that finally fulfills my lifelong dream of being a 14 year old Japanese schoolgirl.

Round 2- Ready? GO!

Posted on 10-21-01

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