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Salamando's Stove's Magazine

This is sort of defunct now. There are no "magazine" updates anymore, but you can feel free to pretend this is early 2000 and read on.

Salamandos' Stove has a magazine, which you should've figured out from the above heading. Magazine is actually a pretty misleading term, considering it infers certain things about content that just aren't there. I suppose since we are a web-based magazine, we'd be a 'webzine,' but since that's an ass-lancingly dumb term we will shoot you on site if you call it that. In the end what it is is little more than a newsletter with interesting readings inside. The newsletter is where we put anything that dosn't go on the Stove proper - stuff that isn't really topical, stuff that is too risqué, or general extra shit. Supposdely it's mailed out once a month but since we're not machines, and also because we're really lazy, it dosn't always hit your inbox by the deadline. We have maintained a relatively reliable 1-per-month quota, but it's rather irregular in its arrival times.

WrexSoul also goes to all the trouble of making fake covers for every issue. Yes, every month there is a new magazine cover with random rantings, extra weird shit, and a huge cover image. And as for the stuff mentioned on the covers, they're intended to be either actual Stove articles, features, or in the newsletter. Yes, all the stuff on the magazine covers will eventually be done, if only by the year 2525.

The list is mailed out using a program WrexSoul wrote, because we're cheaper and poorer than Hobo Chocobo, and ListBot started charging. Those pinko fuckers. You can sign up using the button below, and a hot, crispy issue will be delivered to your mailbox every time we get around to writing one, which is NOT once a month. You ungrateful hooligans should be happy for a main page update once a month with the way we work. Also, important alerts will occasionally be mailed off, but I don't think "I UPDATeD D00d!!!1" is enough to warrent mailing. Only biggie things. Like Wendy's Biggie Fries.

Oh yeah, like mentioned above, we have even less compuctions about possibly offending people in the newsletter than we do in the rest of the page. So, if you sign up, you open yourself to be bombarded with whatever we feel like and can't say anything about it because- hey, we warned you. The newsletter is therefore only for people 18 years or older. Then again there's no way we can stop you, so just don't use the same email account your mom and sister check.

There will be an archive of the newsletters on the back issues page. All the files linked to and sent with the newsletter will be available on the downloads section. The covers will be linked to in the back issues section, and can also be found in the features section.

Now that you know now what this paramount of high-culture is, sign up now or I swear I'll release the Death Bots.

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' ©1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.