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What is is about feedback that makes it so so rare? I thought people were naturally loud and opinionated, and then I started a homepage. That's when I realized that one needs to litterally beg people and threaten them with very large weaponry before they send you but one thread of feedback! Well, the other option is to write a bunch of insulting controversial hate-pages of pop icons, where you'll get dozens of 13-year-olds on WebTV and AOL emailing you telling you how "ur a fag an dI'll kikc ur ass!!1"

So all you people who are lazier than we are: send us email. We want to know what you think about the page. We're not going to litter the site with "SIGN MY GUESTBOOK PEAS!!! ^_^" but, we do appreciate knowing that it's not just us and our dozens of robots visiting the page.

I really don't like it when you email people and they don't respond. It's personally infuriating to me to take time out of my day to email someone, never to get a reply. Well, we're not like that and hope we never will be. We'll send a reply to anyone who takes the time to email us, and if we ever get jerq-faced enough to ignore someone you have right to smack us in our stupid inflated heads. Now that we've won the masses' trust, there is a myriad of different ways of contacting us, which you can find out below.

Contact Information

ICQ: 902240
AIM: WrexSoulll
E-mail: WrexSoul@salamando.net

What to contact WrexSoul about:

  • Page layout
  • Anything he wrote
  • Comics
  • When you're feeling lonely in the middle of the night
  • General feedbaq
  • Broken links, misspelled words, blatant fuckups
  • Page questions

Evk Damascus
ICQ: 11029633
AIM: ArchEvk (Inactive unless I'm at work, so I don't recommend this)
E-mail: Evk@salamando.net

What to contact Evk about:

  • Salamando Radio
  • Hentai
  • Anything he wrote
  • General feedbaq
  • Robots, if you want them to be all screwed up
  • Candidacy for President
  • Flames about the Stove

What to contact NEITHER of us about:

  • Long rambling letters about Triple Triad that has nothing to do with us
  • Emails or flames about articles that neither of us wrote
  • Asking how to get some of Evk's video game music (contact via ICQ if that's what you're looking for)
  • Fiscal policy
  • How to get the white materia/save Aeris
  • Questions about how to get past level 3
  • What we were doing in Ryoga's van last night

In general, we prefer to be contacted via e-mail. We most certainly don't want you to send a request to let us on your list, especially if aren't going to put a reason for authorization. If you want to talk to us on ICQ, send us a couple of messages first, so we know who you are, and make sure you're not ICQ spammers sending URLs for HOT NAKED TEENZ!!! LIVE ON YOU'RE DESKTOP! But, the most preffered mode of contact is email. We love getting email, especially about the page.

If you're going to write us a comment/question/compliment, send it to the applicable person above, or whoever wrote the article if you're commenting on a specific piece. I hope you don't mind us forwarding it to each other, and if you don't want us to, please mention it because it happens a lot. If you have a flame, send it to either of us, but we request that you begin it with "HEY D00D," and talk mostly in caps in broken English. That will make it even funnier for when we make an email hall-of-fame.

Thank you for choosing Salamando's Stove, your non-stop video game alternative. Remember, you get bonus points for calling us Kami-sama/Megami-sama.

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.