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Air Fortress
Barbie Super Model
Battle of Lovers
Coca Cola Cats
Ergheiz or whatever
Final Fantasy 8
Final Fantasy Anthologies
Kart Fighter
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Sucked
Mario is Missing!
Megaman IV
Miracle Girls
Super Wrestle Angels
Vandal ~ Hearts
Wild ARMs
World Heroes 2
Xenogears: Big Mechs, Bad Voice Acting

Final Fantasy III
Hansei Zaru Jiro-kun
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Sucked
Megaman X4
Princess Maker 2
Puyo Pop
Queen of Heart
Sailor Moon Something
Summoner's Stove
Tokimeki Memorial

Crayon Shinchan 2
Go Go Ackman 3
Logos Panic

Surprise: You clicked reviews, you got reviews!

Reviews are where we - SURPRISE - review games. Yeah I bet you did'nt see that coming. Click on a link to the left, read, and send us some feedback or don't. If you disagree with a rating we gave a game then feel free to sit on it and rotate. We're probably right anyway.

What exactly makes our reviews different? Let's take a look at the facts then:

  1. We don't give every game, no matter how mediocre, a 7.
  2. We don't mind badmouthing a game, even if everyone else thinks it's the L33T3ST MAD PHAT BITCHIN game out there. That is, if we don't like it.
  3. We don't contradict ourselves
  4. We cover interesting Japanese roms
  5. Colorfull euphamisms + expressions
  6. We're interesting/funny

SALAMANDO'S STOVE HAS BEEN CAPTURED BY NINJAS! ARE YOU BAD ENOUGH TO SUBMIT REVIEWS? We take submissions by people if you feel like doing such a thing. No guarantees on what we DO with submissions, but that's expected, isn't it?

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.