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Thou art such a pain in the...

Meet Cyan, retainer of Doma, and one very annoying swordsman.

Man with a BIG SWORD

1st thing about Cyan is that he’s got a big sword. So he should kick ass, right? Well actually no, he kicks half-ass. Sure his sword techniques are cool and fun to use, they just take over a lifetime to use the better ones.

Man with a PONY TAIL

Cyan has a long ponytail. Although my personal preference for hair is no ponytail, I do not deny the right of those who want ponytails to have them. Cyan’s ponytail, on the other hand, just makes him look funny. Mostly because he’s a pixilated Renaissance man, but also because he is old and wrinkly (pony-tails and wrinkly old men do not mix).

Man with a BAD ACCENT

Yes. Even Gau, the wild child who has no formal education, makes fun of Cyan’s accent. THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU THOU!!!!! I don’t think it’s as much his background (since no one else in Doma seems to speak that way) as it is just to be less effective at communication. The whole concept of the Cyan accent seems to be commercial. The gamer might want a more medieval or olde English sounding type of character to remind them of their ambitions to live in a time period where no one understood each other.


Cyan has women trouble. After the poisoning of his family, he is understandably is left feeling low and sad. Along the course of his adventuring, he runs into women who want to talk to him. Here, he has problems confronting the women. The first flirts with Cyan, while Cyan gets upset at the very concept of someone flirting with him. The second woman is sent letters and flowers by Cyan (nice gesture and a step up for Cyan). He never tells here directly that he wrote those things.


As if this man didn’t have enough problems. First he is depressed. Second, he has poor communication skills, and third: he is afraid of machines. He is at odds touching levers and is uncomfortable around machinery, although he finds it fascinating (just not something he likes to actually get INVOLVED in).

Man who gets girls FLOWERS and writes LETTERS

There’s a girl who’s boyfriend is in a town far, far away and it looks as if he might not live for long. Cyan, being the stereotypical chivalrous type o’ guy he is, sends her letters in her man’s name and also send FLOWERS. A tad overzealous with the FLOWERS I might add. They are ALL OVER the place. Just goes to show you, once again, that this man has some major issues that need to be resolved.


Cyan has a tortured soul. His soul is so disturbed by paranormal depression that you will eventually find yourself inside his soul trying to save him from the beast that gave the distinguished Wrex his fame... Wrexsoul.

Well, what now? After you save Cyan’s soul, is it all over? Well, he gets all of his sword techs, and basically shuts up. So now he not only has a problem with communication, he just about gives up on it all together. BUT ITS OK!!! By the end of the game, he learns to PRESS BUTTONS!!!! Brining him a step closer on the road to mechanical coexistance.

So, there you have it folks. Cyan, and all of his interesting qualities. Enjoy him and many other interesting figures in FF6!!!!

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Written by Meklor and posted on 02-29-00.
This article is ©2000 Will Keller.

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' ©1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.