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 Salamando's Stove - Issue 1; Feb, 2000

It's here! The 1st issue of Salamando's Stove is enterring the final stages of printing. Those of you who want the best inside-scoop on video game magazines- more than you can find in those OTHER guys' mags- More than you can find on the internet- MORE than even the developers crammed into the official strategy guides- hell, more than there is in the game-- be sure that you get Salamando's Stove, your NEW new source for the best in reviews, previews, and commetnary dribble. Plus we offer something I'm sure you all are at least lukewarm about- something that anybody could offer you with probably higher quality- the amazing daily comic!

Salamando's Stove is a new angle on video gaming magazines. We aren't striving for completeness. We don't promise you the latest codes. We don't promise you the most complete coverage. We don't even promise well-written articles or aesthetic layouts. But what the heck, what wo do, we do with passion! And we're sure that while we may not sell as many copies as our "competition", and while they may consistantly produce higher quality material, they'll probably have a better attitude than us, as well. With promises like this how can you refuse? And we feel the price is right, too. FREE. And worth every penny of it!

With the world-renowned authors, web designers, programmers, nerds, and soon-to-be world dictators, WrexSoul and Evk in the pilot's seat, this monthy periodical will take you places you've never been and will never want to return to. It will be a non-stop roller coaster of inside jokes and brash humor. And don't forget our resident editor, Ramen Broth Man, who will keep the focus alive and the content lively. An all-star lineup indeed, only augmented by the rare appearances by other people whom may- or may-not have any affiliation or even contribute any content. If you have these hard-working and dedicated individuals working, you know it's gotta be something.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't been sold on us already, I'm sure you will be once you read the kind of crap we publish. We'll guarantee once you sign up, we'll never let you go. Can any other respectable company guarantee that kind of loyalty? So be sure to sign up for your FREE subscription today! We promise we won't abuse you. Limited time offer only! Some restrictions apply. Not sold in any stores or anywhere.

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Written by Wrexsoul and posted on 01-17-00.
This feature is 2000 Zach Francks.

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.