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 Aria di Profonditą Saturate

Aria di Profonditą Saturate
By Evk
Sung to the tune of Aria di Mezzo Caraterre (the Opera Scene from FF6)

Ooooh WrexSoul, so far away now, 
will I ever see you online?
Hmong goes hwock bwock, like you go hurf burf, 
this is just a fading boner
I'm the hentai, you're the napkins, 
our love's bigger than Shampoo.  
In every way, I will always play 
only you, my playlist file.
Must I forget you? Our lost downloads?  
Will XOOM kick us off today?
What shall I do? I'm bored without you.  
Come chat with me once moooooooore.

(Evk goes up and sees a N/A ghost of WrexSoul.  He chats with him for a while,
but WrexSoul doesn't reply.  Instead he turns into poon, which Evk carries to the balcony.)

I must reboot now.  I'll play Starcraft
But I'll stay on ICQ
Ere I type away  let me hear you reply
You want to go make comics
So gently, you probed my depths
I will be forever bored.
Come what may, I won't crash today
I'll wait for you always

(Evk throws the poon off the balcony)

Come back from N/A, WrexSoul!

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