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 From the Message History...
The following was found dwelling in the very bowels of an unforgotten file somewhere. Top professional cryptographers have managed to extract it and decode it for you to read here.

     ICQ History Log For:    
             11029633  Evk
 Started on Fri Feb 26 17:10:03 1999

Evk        2/26/99  4:37 PM  |-|00 |-|@|-|

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:39 PM  }-{ <> ()     [··] /-\ ||=||

Evk        2/26/99  4:39 PM  (runs)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:41 PM  HA! I out-h00hahed you

Evk        2/26/99  4:41 PM  You win this round... but I'll be back!!
                             (sends flunkies after you)
                             (Teleports out annoyingly)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:42 PM  (fights annoying battle)

Evk        2/26/99  4:43 PM  (gives them some annoying gimmick you can't
                             figure out, such as bounceing all fire spells
                             back and yet being a ice monster)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:45 PM  (is too lazy to look up faq, so just uses Game

Evk        2/26/99  4:45 PM  (dies) (does cheesy thing where the dungeon
                             falls down and you automatically run out)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:46 PM  (makes cheesy "pfwew" noise and says something
                             equally cheesy like "That was close!  Five
                             seconds later and I'd have been a Wrexcake!")

Evk        2/26/99  4:47 PM  (has a flat annoying unattractive main
                             character die)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:48 PM  By flat- you mean not only by their breast
                             size- but in the scope of their personality?
                             (Dr. Evil pinky chew)

Evk        2/26/99  4:49 PM  Yes actually. Ahem.
                             (watches as D00D!111 ITZ SO SAD!!!1111 pages
                             overrun the internet)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:49 PM  (makes sure this cliché of a game never sees
                             the light of day)

Evk        2/26/99  4:50 PM  (releases so much hype that everyone wants it)
                             (has them make you release it) (adds in some
                             more annoying dialouge just for pure evil)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:52 PM  You still haven't won! I shall smite thee!
                             (releases it, but only in the UK, and on an
                             obscure gaming system called the "Octopus 64",
                             the 64 bit CD gaming system which was only
                             released in Sweeden)

Evk        2/26/99  4:52 PM  (has it ported over, really really badly with
                             horrible translation)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:55 PM  (makes a hype about re-releasing it only in
                             America with New Graphics™ and Better Plot™
                             and Anime Cutscenes™ and to cap it off, Extra
                             Crap™, including Cool Packaging with Leather
                             Bound CD Case™, Cloth Map™, Bonus CDs™ (Making
                             of and soundtrack),  and Hard Cover
                             Instruction Book/Players Guide™.  Makes
                             millions off of pre-orders)

Evk        2/26/99  4:57 PM  (has it bomb since the game itself sucks
                             (laughs evilly at all the poor dupes who
                             (splits the money with you and retires)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:57 PM  (moves to sunny resort town that isn't Costa
                             del Sol (I hate that music))
                             You know, that game really sucked

Evk        2/26/99  4:58 PM  Yes, it sure did. We're such beeyotches.
                             (dub in evil laughter here)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  4:58 PM  (mimic dumb evil laughter)
                             <evil voice> Those fooooools. </evil>

Evk        2/26/99  4:59 PM  Hah! But the bad guys won in this case. Go us!
                             (starts working on a sequel out of pure evil)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  5:00 PM  Oooh and hype it up with Better Than the
                             Original™ and Complete Remake™

Evk        2/26/99  5:00 PM  And promise eyecandy!
                             (starts huge hype blizzard)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  5:01 PM  (makes the game in 25 days in his garage)
                             (makes 80 Really Awesome Screenshots™ which
                             are the visual apex of the game)

Evk        2/26/99  5:02 PM  (has the bad script translated into Japanese,
                             then Swahili and back to English just to make
                             it worse)
                             (makes all the characters annoying,
                             one-demonsional whiners)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  5:04 PM  (adds to frenzy and hype by submitting several
                             anonymous rumors about such-and-such having
                             special hidden features and being "da bomb")
                             (starts contrevoursey back and forth between
                             two parties on how much the game rules/sucks. 
                             Lets it boil to low inferno)

Evk        2/26/99  5:05 PM  (packages it with a bunch of almost-naked CG
                             women on it)

WrexSoul   2/26/99  5:05 PM  (makes some "fan-art" of completely naked CG
                             That oughta sell it.

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