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 Stupidest e-mail Survey: Evk

Full Name: WrexSoul. Yes, just WrexSoul, smart-ass!
Nickname(s): WrexSoul, Wrex, that one-guy
Siblings: On white or wheat?
Hair color: I haven't checked under my pope-hat for years.
Eye color: Anime. Huge, glittery, blue.
Height: Flames and burning 8-armed cross included, 7' 6".
Attitude: Just take a wild guess, dumbass
Any other screen names: WrexSoulll or WrexSoul_, Salamando, Evaporated Whelk, Boreal Face, Gryphos, Markeh, Alaron, IHeartTifa, Pikachu28938
Birthday: Today. Give me something, you ungrateful ho.
Birthplace: The Abyss
Where you live now: In Cyberspace with Evk and Avk, Square, Dog, Ramen Broth Man, and Nukey-Nuke
School: Furinkan High
Grade: Senior, class 2-E
Enemies: Kuno, Gosunkugi, Mousse, Ryoga, Face, Bloogh
Funniest person you know: Dan Rather
Best girl friends: There's this chinese ho and a resturaunt owner who fight over me with some psychopath in a leotard and a flat unatractive boor.
Best guy friends: That ArchNerd guy. You know, the one.
What would you like to be when you grow up: Belfast, Ireland
Where would you like to live when you grow up: Bon Jovi
Done drugs: Drain-o
Smoked: Drain-o
Drank: Drain-o
Kissed: The statue at the Lincoln Memorial.
Stayed up all day: No. I usually crash at 11 AM
Been in love: Yeah, but only to use the restroom and get gas.
Lied: Every night when I go to bed
Cheated on someone: I couldn't find where to put the Game Shark
Stole: I told the lady at Kinkos I was on the computer for 40 minutes, but I was really on the computer for 64 minutes
Played strip poker: No, Evk never sends me Hentai-games.
Watched I love lucy: I was eaten by Fred Mertz's pants.
When was the last time you thrown a party (not a birthday party, a real party): I got a party right now.... in my PANTS!
What is the farthest you have ever been from your home: China
What is the farthest you have ever been from your home without your parents: I got lost a few times while I was in China...
What was the first thing you thought when you got up: turgid
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yes, but not when I'm in my secret identity of Mr. Sexy
How far have you gone: I got my shirt off once, but I was driving and I hit Evk on the head with a mallet.
Have you ever cheated on anyone: I couldn't find where to put th.... HEY WAIT
Have you ever dated a friend's old mate: I dated the first mate of a friend's ship once.
How far would you go on a 1st date: Anywhere in-state. No further.
Color: Black, like the color of my tortured and dismal existance.
Favorite names for a girl or boy: Dog, Square, Bloog, Dong, Peter Pillow.
Favorite sport: Calvinball
Favorite sports team: The Hiroki Kikutas.
Favorite season: Celtic music.
Favorite food: Okonimiyaki ni kaita rabureta.
Favorite kind of music: Salamando Radio
Favorite singer or band: Dan Eagleston on Salamando Radio, Orbital.
Favorite soft drink: Elf poon.
Favorite alcohol drink: Biccardi 151 straight.
Favorite holiday: We Love ArchNerd day.
Favorite car: The WrexMobile.
Favorite movies: I made a Flash 3 movie once...
Favorite actor: Alucard Tepes
Favorite actress: Richter Belmont
Favorite brand of clothing: HOME OF THE BOKKEN underwear
Where will you see yourself in 7 years: In the mirror
What was the best time you had in your life: That time me and Nukey Nuke were out on the trampoline in the back yard.
What do you look for in a guy: Rupees, Gald, Lens, GP, or Potions.
Who do you like: Evk
Who do you hate: Face, Bloogh
What is the first thing that attracts you to a guy: Electromagnets and the plate in my head
Best smile: Making a resturaunt out of Castlevania is a good idea.
Sexiest: Mr. Sexy
Worst thing about guys: They don't look as sexy in a bikini
Turn-Ons: Salamando Radio, green hair
Turn-Offs: Being a flying cat, being a giant face, being 1 feet tall
What kinda clothes do you like guys to wear?: HOME OF THE BOKKEN underwear
Do you like guys hair short or long: Yes
Do you want guys to have earrings/tattoos: Only if I implant them as torture or locating devices
Boxers or Briefs: HOME OF THE BOKKEN underwear
Experience or Inexperience: If they run away I better freaking get 100 AP
Funny or sexy: HOME OF THE BOKKEN underwear
Describe the perfect guy for you: he genetically manufactured perfect offspring of Evk and WrexSoul
What do you look for in a girl: Green Hair, ponytail
What usually is the first thing that attracts you to a girl: Strong Nuclear force
Bras or panties: I wear neither, but YES PLEASE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!1111
Experienced or inexperienced: If they escape I better get 100 freaking AP
Earrings or tattoos: Only if they have Maxwell's demon stones in them.
Turn ons: Green hair, ponytails, being a goddess
Turn offs: Being a giant flying cat, giant face, or an undetonated nuclear device
Long hair or short hair: Green
Thong or string: $BIKINI = "glaaaah"
What kinda clothes do you like girls to wear: My elite ninja army's uniform
Describe the perfect girl for you: Green hair, goddess
Coke or Pepsi: Jolt
Sprite or 7-up: Coke
Money, cash, or hos: RC Cola
Black or white: For page backgrounds?
Short hair or Long hair: Green
Blonde or Brunettes: Green
Flowers or stars: Stupid hippie?!
Comedy or Drama: :O BURP
DMX or Jay-z: Salamando Radio
Action or Horror: Trevor Bellmont
Usher or Ma$E: Salamando Radio
Blue or Green: Green
Roller coasters: Yes
Brandy or Monica: Salamando Radio
Lauryn Hill or Shania Twain: Salamando Radio
Cherry Poppin Daddies or Brian Setzer Orchestra: Salamando Radio, dammit!
Cats or Dogs: Inu-Yasha
Horses or Cows: Sheep
Swing or Line Dancing: Die. Now.
God: Evk.
Ghosts: Only when Evk is activly groping me
Aliens: Evk
Devil: Evk
Heaven?: Evk's room, my waterbed
Hell: Joe's basement, Dan's house
Santa: Robot Santa
Ouija Boards: Evk
Fortune Tellers: Matoya
Has the best eyes: Me (Anime, remember?)
Has the best hair: Terra
Has the best smile: Terra
Has the cutest ears: Cabbits must die
Has the best body: Ultima -- Perfect Body
Has the best legs: Colonol Sanders
Always has a smile on their face: Terra
Has the best personality: Kasumi
Is the prettiest: Alma
Is the sexiest: Mr. Sexy
Is the sluttiest: Evk
Is the shyest: ......
Is the biggest spaz: Zell
Is the nicest: Kasumi
Has the biggest mouth: Face, Mouth
Is the weirdest: Nukey Nuke
Is the richest: Ramen Broth Man
Hurt you the most: Evk
Made you the happiest: Myself (Avk is close second)
Kissed you: Evk
Complimented you the most: Myself
Asked you for the most favors: Evk
Asked you out: Evk
Pissed you off the most: XOOM
Succeed: Me
Be a lesbian: Me
Be a model: Square
Be a comedian: Me
Be a lawyer: Ramen Broth Man
Be a doctor: Ramen Broth Kid
Be famous: Face
Be a stripper: Dog
Be a president: Evk
Be a singer: Bards suck.
Be a dancer: Faris, but I may make Lenna one as well.

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Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.