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 The Triumphant Return of Salamando's Stove


Bored and Desperate for Attention


So this may come as a surprise to anyone for whom this is not their first visit, but lately there has been much talk about a dramatic return of Salamando's Stove!

I know what you're all thinking:

"Oh! Look! Look! An update on Salamando's Stove! It's only been 2 years or something ludicrous!"

And then you click then link and see my portrait and go:

"... oh wait, it's another WREXSOUL update. GREAT."

Well fear not, for this is a very special and, hopefully, very fun-filled update. A virtual roller coaster of love. joy, revelations, disappointment, and crying in the corner.

So fast forward to like 3 months ago, except it's rewind except for fast forward. But it's still like, FAST. So 3 months ago, I wasn't feeling terribly self-important because it'd be forever and a day since we've updated. But since Evk had gone into a cacoon and was matamorphing into his final, most evolved form, Evkarot, I was all by myself to try to come up with an idea, write the article, proofread and revise it, and then post an entry on the main page (which has been known to take weeks in itself).

So I go to my good friend, Mal, and asked him for advice.* "What should I do for content on Salamando's Stove," I say to Mal, "because I can't possibly do all this by myself." The conversation went like this, put into comic format resembling (ripping off) an amusing Jeff K comic.

* This may or may not have actually happened.

Bonus: Winning Joke Formula # 350:
  1. Take an existing funny joke
  2. Put in whole new words
  3. Take credit for it!

Now, I'm not saying that I'm arrogant or anything, but- we haven't exactly been donated a series of winning articles from anyone recently. And I kind of like having the limelight on my own webpage, so I sadly shot him down. If I'm going to bother having a crappy webpage filled with subpar video game humor, I want to be the source of the subpar crap!

I spent a good, long hour thinking about what the best way to kick off the return to Salamando's Stove would be. I have been known to make silly little gadgets with no explanation. Sadly this seems to have not worked in my best interest this time.


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