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 Salamando's Stove - Letters to the Editor
Dear Salamando's Stove:

I like your site a lot. Yesterday over lunch me and my freind BDAWG2038 were discussing which one of your editors we think is cooler. I thought WrexSoul was cooler, because he looks like the meaty kind of guy who would harass someone for adding nonsense words at the end of thier sentances. BDAWG2038 thought Evk was cooler because he's a fucking fag. Who eats glue. I'm serious. We were in fifth period and he was eating glue and Mr. Banks was like "What are you doing" and he was like "Uh, the answer is 518" which was stupid because fifth period is history class. So in summation don't you think Gundam Wing is the coolest thing ever to be on TV? I think BDAWG2038 wants to have sex with that one guy with the long hair. What a fag.

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Thanks!!! We here at Salamando's Stove always appreciate getting your letters, even if you contribute nothing we haven't already had!!! ;) On to your question... :) While some people may have personal favorites, we here at Salamando's Stove think that all of our editors are cool ;), even Hobo Chocobo. Of course not everyone agrees. :) As for eating glue... what's with that?! LOL ;) Also, we really like Gundam and DBZ on Cartoon Network! Anime rox, even though this is a VG site. ANIME! WOOT!

- Editor,
Salamando's Stove

Dear Salamando's Stove,

I was in the elevator yesterday reading your site on my palm pilot, except the title got truncated so it came out SALAMANDO'S ST and this guy next to me beat me up for having a Palm Pilot and reading it in an elevator and then he threw me down a sewer and I mutated into Teenage Mutant Pointless Yuppie. Anyway, with my new mutant yuppie skills, I wrote I wrote a great review/FAQ/Walksthrough of the latest game out even though you have 20 already and my writing style is as unamusing as it is uninformative! Please post it or I will come to your various houses and leave lots of fax paper and trendy sushi around. Teenage Mutant Pointless Yuppie AWAYY!

While we appreciate your time and effort invovled in creating this, we don't officially take articles from non-staff members! And we aren't taking applications to become staff-members either. To become a staff member you either have to be related to us, be sleeping with our editors' sisters, or be a completely overrated internet identity for having made a fan page in 1995 based around stealing "fan art" or mentioning Mr. T approximately 50 billion times.

- Editor,
Salamando's Stove

hey jerks at salamndo

you fag!!!! what hapepnd to floating slamado! he was the nizzomb and i playd blackjack with him, and now hes gon!!1 hring him bak or ill kill you fags ! Plus ur site sux now it used to be kool butn ow all it is laem fetrz and not funni bring bak more skript shreddrs and minute reviews!. lso u used "there' when ur supposed to use 'thier' what r you some kind of illetarete fuck?!!? u used to be kewl no ur just shit. fags.

sincerly stv boonpants (magical prince of baseball!!!!!)

Okay, Mr. 'stv boonpants,' first let me mention that the Stove has QUITE reinstated the floating Salamando. He's there in all his glory, as if you would notice since you're so busy beating off and trying not to get caught! Also keep in mind our editors are overworked and sometimes miss simple mistakes like "there" and "their." You can't even spell it right, as if you grasp the basic skills of English required to write an intelligent and coherent piece of email. I love being the letters guy since I can post my masterful ability to reply to flame mail as opposed to some topics that might actually deserve to be mentioned!

- Editor,
Salamando's Stove

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Written by Wrexsoul and Evk and posted on 03-04-01.
This article is 2001 Nick Hammer and Zach Francks.
Evk@salamando.net WrexSoul@salamando.net

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.