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 How to Get Over 100% in Symphony of the Night

So you finally got everywhere you can in Symphony of the Night, did you? You've beaten Richter and won the game. But did you know that there's a SECOND ending of the game most people didn't know about?!

Yes, it's true! In addition, you can explore a second castle, known as the "inverted castle," which allows you to get over 100% score! Play through the game a second time for scores as high as 150%! We've even heard of a whopping score of 161%!

Here's how to do it!

Well, our "agents in the field" report that the first step is to find a secret area called "nightmare!" Wowzers, this is the creepiest addition to the castle that most players don't know about! And it's no wonder since to get there, you have to notice a teeeny hole in the wall! First off, we assume you have the form of bat and such by now. If not, then check out our SUPER SECRET GUIDE: "How to Find the Form of Bat!" Then go to the part of the caves where there's a looooooong vertical shaft! Fly up it and at the top you'll notice a super-secret door on the right- just under a ledge you could get to earlier! Many players miss this because it blends so easily in with the rest of the scenery, so don't feel bad if you have to look for it a bit. ;)

Now go down in this secret half - after collecting your hard-earned meal tickets that is ;), and head in the room on the left. Be sure and save your game because you're going to have a hard time of it in the next room! Okay, after saving go into the room on the right? Looks like a normal save point, right? (Well, if by Normal you mean "purple and glowing" ;) ) Go inside and watch the amazing cutscene progress! But be careful, because then you have to fight it out with none other than the Succubus! Watch out!

After dispatching her (it may take a few tries, she moves around a lot and it's easy to die) all you have to do is grab the ring and you'll automatically leave "nightmare" (thankfully too, that place is creeeeepy!!! ;) ) and then all you have to do is take a quick trip down into the catacombs again. Okay there's this room you might have been to before. It's kinda down near the bottom but then you head to the top of the screen on the right? Anyway, the room is pitch black and full of spikes. Well the dark is the one place where a bat excels, right? ;) How do you think they fly around in the pitch black? Echo of course! So use that to maneuver through the spikes and down into the next area, where you get the Spikebreaker armor. Not only does this armor shatter spikes, but it's some of the most powerful armor we've found yet!

The next step is to go aaalllllllll the way back to the cathedrel. Be mindful of the birds that swoop at you as you head back to those halls with all the spikes on the roof and ceiling. You have to have the form of mist here, too (which breaks the spikes, thanks to the armor ;) ) and then go through the doors and grate until you get to this quaint little breakfast nook. Hey, what a charming place to have one, eh, Dracula? ;) I can't imagine that he has many guests up there, except somehow Maria got there too (maybe she turned off clipping ;) ) and then after a short conversation, she'll run away, dropping a ring. Don't be chivalrous and try and give it back, you need this ring ;) not to mention you couldn't find her if you tried. ;)

Well except I know where to meet her. ;) So next step is going to the center of the map, with the clock. Not to be mistaken for the clock tower. ;) If you read the inscription on the rings, it says "wear... clock..." "... in ... tower." What it means is you need to bring a stopwatch secondary weapon with you or the trick might not work!!! So grab one from one of the nearby candles and go into the room. When you put the two rings on your two accessory slots, the clock will strike 13 hours (creepy!!! ;) ) and the floor will open up. Don't worry, there's no boss down there. But there is a save point and some life vials! ;)

In the room at the bottom, (which is upside-down!) Maria will give you some spiel (I won't ruin it for you here!! ;) and then leave you with a pair of glasses. Don't ask me, just take them and leave (though a fun thing to do is jump around Maria for a while, because she becomes part of the background! ;) heh).

Now just go to beat the game like you normally do, except equip the glasses as a helmet (not an accessory! ;) ) and notice the orb over Richter's head. Well, that's your true target, and it's a lot easier than fighting him ;). Beat it, watch the cool cutscene and awesome FMV! Congratulations, you've just found the super-secret second half of the game! Enjoy!

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How to Get Over 100%
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Written by Wrexsoul and Evk and posted on 03-04-01.
This article is 2001 Nick Hammer and Zach Francks.
Evk@salamando.net WrexSoul@salamando.net

Salamando's Stove is all a big ol' 1999-2000 Zach Francks and Nick Hammer.